2 Year Anniversary-Batcave Tribute! 03-07-09

  • DJs
    Orko, Sage, Miz Margo, Fact.50

Two Year Anniversary/Batcave Tribute!


Cocteau Twins – The Spanglemaker
Virgin Prunes – Ulakunakulot
Christian Death – This Is Heresy
Joy Division – Passover
Andi Sex Gang w/ Marc Almond – The Hungry Years
Legendary Pink Dots – The Green Gang
Switchblade Symphony – Drool
The Cure – Cold
Sisters of Mercy – Floorshow
Cramps – Goo Goo Muck

The Cure – 10:15 Saturday Night (actually played at exactly 10:15)
Nick Cave – I Had A Dream Joe
The Names – The Fire
Modern English – Someone’s Calling
Warsaw – Warsaw
Princess Tinymeat Put It There
Clan of Xymox – Muscovite Mosquito
Gene Loves Jezebel – Always a Flame
Xmal Deutschland – Quol
March Violets – Snake Dance
Blackouts – Writhing
Sexbeat – Sexbeat
Alien Sex Fiend – Girl At The End of My Gun
Specimen – Death Drive
Christian Death – As Evening Falls
Siouxsie – Icons
Danielle Dax – Fizzing Human Bomb
Soft Cell – Martin
Specimen – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Atomizer Rmx)

Miz Margo
Virgin Prunes – Sweet Home
Birthday Party – Nick The Stripper
Bone Orchard – Kicking Up Sawdust
Death Cult – Gods Zoo
Skeletal Family – Alone She Cries
Christian Death – Deathwish
Alien Sex Fiend – Ain’t Got Time to Bleed
Specimen – Dead Mans Auto Chop
Sex Gang Children – Guy Wonder
UK Decay – Testament
Siouxsie – Carcass
45 Grave – Evil
Xmal Deutschland – Eisengrau
Southern Death Cult – Moya
Cramps – Domino
Christian Death – Cavity

Bauhaus – Stigmata Martyr
Misfits – London Dungeon
Lords of the New Church – Li’l Boys Play With Dolls
Alien Sex Fiend – R.I.P.
Sex Gang Children – Dieche
Tones on Tail – There’s Only One
The Birthday Party – Mr. Clarinet
The Cure – A Short Term Effect
The Sisters of Mercy – Marian
Nina Hagen – Born In Xixax
Specimen – The Beauty of Poison
Christian Death – When I Was Bed
Siouxsie – Jigsaw Feeling

Alien Sex Fiend – I Walk The Line
Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia, My Reflection
Swans – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Siouxsie – Dazzle
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
This Mortal Coil – 16 Days/Gathering Dust
Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf
The Cure – 100 Years
Chameleons – Swamp Thing  request