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Christian Death Tribute!


Front Room – Christian Death Tribute

Rozz Williams – The Angels (1995 Version)
David Bowie – Time
Christian Death – The Luxury Of Tears
Cocteau Twins – Shallow Then Halo
And Also The Trees – Needle Street
Sleepmask – Collusion
Martyr Whore – Dolls Amitabha
Christian Death – Haloes
Opéra De Nuit – Invitation
Eat Your Make Up – Dust In The Cathedral
Parálisis Permanente – Quiero Ser Tu Perro
Shadow Project – Holy Holy request
Sex Gang Children – Boss & Beauty
Francis X And The Bushmen – Grey Talk
Christian Death – Cavity – First Communion

Chat Noir
Super Heroines – Chasing Bars
Nina Hagen – Dread Love
David Bowie – Magic Dance request
Christian Death – Stairs (Uncertain Journey)
Twisted Nerve – Medusa
Acid Bats – Quiero Ser Santa
Alien Sex Fiend – R.I.P. request
Christian Death – Sleepwalk request
Hagar The Womb – Idolization
Super Heroines – Night Stalker
45 Grave – Evil
The Cramps – Surfing Dead request
Christian Death – Deathwish
Christian Death – Venus in Furs request

Daucus Karota – Father Of Temptation
Christian Death – Figurative Theatre
Killing Joke – The Wait request
BRANES – Hysperia request 
Fangs On Fur – Blood On The Sand
Christian Death – Romeo’s Distress
Bauhaus – Ziggy Stardust
Kommunity FK – Something Inside Me Has Died
David Bowie – Ashes To Ashes
The Sisters Of Mercy – Gimme Shelter request
Christian Death – The Drowning request
Tones On Tail – Performance request
Martin Dupont – Just Because (1985 Remix)
The Vanishing – Lovesick
Rikk Agnew – It’s Doing Something request
Mephisto Walz – Painted Black
Christian Death – Electra Descending

Chat Noir
Lords of the New Church – Lord’s Prayer request
Malaria! – Klares Kaltes Wasser
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons – Ice Cream to God
Catholic Split – Sick Sick Sex
Christian Death – Face
Ausgang – Crawling The Walls
1919 – Cry Wolk
Christian Death – Face
Death in June – Little Black Angel
Christian Death – Her Only Sin request
Faith and the Muse – Plague Dance request
Christ vs Warhol – Cross Of Lorraine
Skeletal Family – No Chance
Belgrade – Clockwise

Ex-VoTo – Waiting For The Dawn request
Christian Death – Ashes
David Bowie – Lady Grinning Soul
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Red Light request

Chat Noir
Xmal Deutschland – Geheimnis request
Specimen – Dead Man’s Autochop
Virgin Prunes – Caucasian Walk

T.S.O.L. – Code Blue request
Social Distortion – Another State Of Mind
D.I. – O.C. Life
Christian Death – Spiritual Cramp

Chat Noir
X Ray Spex – I Am a Poseur
Lydia Lunch – Atomic Bongos
Sex Pistols – Submission
Christian Death – Dogs

Christian Death – When I Was Bed
Little Nemo – Precious Days request
Death In June – Behind The Rose (Fields Of Rape) request

Chat Noir
Modern English – Swans on Glass

Back Room

Conjure One – Brave for You
Achillea – Odin’s Hill
Transglobal Undergound – Khalgi Stomp
Ofra Haza – Im Nin Alu
Strange Botique – Heroes
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci – Departum
Cyperaktif – Nothing Stays the Same request
PTP – Favorite Things
A Split Second – Rigor Mortis
Coil – The Anal Staircase
Einstürzende Neubauten – Haus Der Lüge request
The Sisters of Mercy – Gimme Shelter request

Cocteau Twins – Kookaburra
Echo and The Bunnymen – Nocturnal Me
Clan of Xymox – Medusa
Love is Colder Than Death – Down and Out
Fields of the Nephilim – Sumerland
Tones on Tail – Performance
Depeche Mode – Master and Servent
Ministry – So What

Magazine – The Light That Pours Out of Me request
David Bowie – The Jean Genie
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
The Cure – One Hundred Years request
Curve – Doppelgänger request
Conjure One – Tears From the Moon
Gary Numan – The Fall
Sioxusie and the Banshees – Monitor
The Church – Reptile
Love and Rockets – Haunted When The Minutes Drag (USA Mix)
Duran Duran – Come Undone

Death in June – The Calling request
The Chameleons – Don’t Fall
The Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection request
Cold Cave – A Little Death to Laugh
Clan of Xymox – Jasmine and Rose request
Skinny Puppy – Smothered Hope
Nitzer Ebb – Getting Closer
Contagion – Scratch
Revolting Cocks – Beers, Steers, and Queers request
Song – The Ballad request
Dead Can Dance – Cantara request

Faith and the Muse – Shattered in Aspect
Zola Jesus – Night
Switchblade Symphony – Dissolve
Light Asylum – Dark Allies
She Past Away – Kasvetli Kutlama
Ikon – Fall Apart
Trust – Dressed for Space
The Knife – We Share Our Mothers Health
Depeche Mode – Lie to Me
David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
Bauhaus – The Passion of Lovers
Siouxsie and the Banshees – The Killing Jar
Simple Minds – New Gold Dream

Specimen – Hex
The Cure – Disintegration request
Peter Murphy – Indigo Eyes
Xmal Deutschland – Incubus Succubus
Joy Division – Disorder
David Bowie – Rebel Rebel
Lords of the New Church – Open Your Eyes
Morrissey – Everyday is Like Sunday
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls
Depeche Mode – Shake the Disease
Switchblade Symphony – Wallflower

Rozz Williams – Dream a Little Dream of Me