WORLD GOTH DAY 2015 █ ANDREW ELDRITCH Birthday Party! 05-15-15

  • DJs
    Xander, Miz Margo, Sage, Omar



Front Room – Andrew Eldritch Birthday Party

The Sisters Of Mercy – Never Land (A Fragment)
The Cure – New Day
The Mission – Bridges Burning
The Rose Of Avalanche – Always There
Corpus Delicti – Saraband
Specimen – Beauty Of Poison
Princess Tinymeat – Angels In Pain (12″ Version)
The Sisters Of Mercy – Gimme Shelter
The Mission – The Crystal Ocean (Extended)
The Cult – Hollow Man
Christian Death – Spectre (Love Is Dead)
Virgin Prunes – Love Lasts Forever
The Sisters Of Mercy – No Time To Cry request

Miz Margo
Bauhaus – The Sanity Assassin
Siouxsie and the Banshees – The Staircase (Mystery)
Xmal Deutschland – Tag Fur Tag
Cocteau Twins – Shallow Than Halo
Death in June – Little Black Angel request
The Sisters of Mercy – Poison Door request
Joy Division – A Means to an End
Tuxedomoon – No Tears request
Horror Vacui – In Darkness
Alien Sex Fiend – Dead and Buried request
London After Midnight – Kiss request
Love Club – Corpses in the Sand
Nina Hagen – Smack Jack
The Sisterhood – Rain From Heaven

The Mission – Wasteland
Clan Of Xymox – Louise request
The Sisters Of Mercy – Marian (Version)
The Cure – The Hanging Garden request
The Birthday Party – Mr. Clarinet request
Lene Lovich – It’s You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) request
Danielle Dax – Big Hollow Man request
The Sisters Of Mercy – Dominion/Mother Russia
Rosetta Stone – Adrenaline request
Bauhaus – Lagartija Nick
Misfits – London Dungeon
Killing Joke – The Wait
The Sisters Of Mercy – Temple Of Love (Extended Version)

Miz Margo
THe Glove – Mouth to Mouth (Robert Smith Version)
Fields of the Nephilim – Moonchild
The Lords of the New Church – I Never Believed request
Love and Rockets – Holiday on the Moon
The Sisters of Mercy – Flood II
The Birthday Party – Release the Bats request
The Cramps – New Kind of Kick
The Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
Tones on Tail – Go!
The Cure – Primay
The Sisters of Mercy – Ribbons
The Sisterhood – Giving Ground
Christian Death – First Communion request

The Sisters Of Mercy – Alice
The Mission – Deliverance
Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up request
Swans – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Red Version)
Death In June – Fields request
Virgin Prunes – Caucasian Walk
The Sisters Of Mercy – Anaconda request
Sexbeat – Sex Beat
Nina Hagen – Born In Xixax request
The Sisters Of Mercy – Walk Away
The Sisters Of Mercy – Emma request
The Cure – Kyoto Song request

Back Room

Sophia – Severed
Dernière Volonté – Der Kinder Nacht
Pavillon 7B – Black Generation
Siglo XX – La Vie Dans La Nuit
The Soft Moon – Insides
Paralysed Age – Darkened Skies
She Past Away – Ruh
Opera Multi Steel – Sans Histoire
Static Movement – Radio Station
Linnea Aspera – Malarone
Monica Richards – In Answer
Die Form – Rebirth/Redeath (Ich Bin Tot)
IAMX – Nature of Inviting (Black Light Odyssey Remix)
Trust – Lost Souls/Eelings
Delerium – Truly (Wise Buddah Radio Edit)
Depecehe Mode – Sea of Sin (Sensoria Mix)
Visage – Fade to Grey (Bassheads 7′ Remix)

Visage – I’m Still Searching
Soft Cell – Seedy Films
Trisomie 21 – Personal Feelings
A Split Second – Rigor Mortis
Cocteau Twins – Blood Bitch
The Sisterhood – Colours
The Creatures – Pluto Drive
Das Kabinette – The Cabinet
The Cure – Play for Today
Alex Syndrome – Satan Mia Sable
Ministry – Revenge

Grauzone – Eisbär
Martin L. Gore – Compulsion
Yazoo – Situation (US 12” Mix)
The Glove – Orgy
Peter Murphy – The Sweetest Drop
Fad Gadget – I Discover Love
The Chameleons – Second Skin request
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Hall of Mirrors
The Church – Reptile
Bauhaus – The Sanity Assassin
Clan of Xymox – Jasmine and Rose request
The Sisters of Mercy – Marian

Sex Gang Children – Dieche
Ministry – We Believe
Clan of Xymox – Stranger
Fad Gadget – Swallow It
Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up
The Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection
The Chameleons – Don’t Fall
Front 242 – Headhunter

Skinny Puppy – Smothered Hope
Coil – Love’s Secret Domain
Nitzer Ebb – Come Alive
Duran Duran – Come Undone
Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses request
Depeche Mode – Blasphemous Rumors
The Cure – The Blood
Gary Numan – The Fall
Switchblade Symphony – Dissolve
Zola Jesus – Night

The Chameleons – Swamp Thing
Ministry – Halloween
Revolting Cocks – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy
Depeche Mode – Strangelove
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Israel
The Cure – A Forest
Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Open

Shriekback – Nemesis
Psychic TV – Godstar (7”)
45 Grave – Evil