DJs Otter, Sage, Miz Margo, Fact.50

One Year Anniversary/4AD Tribute!


Beirut- Elephant Man
Thievery Corporation- Lebanese Blonde
Le Mystere De Voix Bulgares- The Voyage
This Mortal Coil- Dreams Made Flesh
Bauhaus- Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Cocteau Twins- Millmillenary
Faye Wong- Bluebeard
Blonde Redhead- Silently
Mountain Goats- Autoclave
Pixies- Wave of Mutilation

Lush- Tiny Smiles
This Mortal Coil- Not Me
Clan of Xymox- No Human Can Drown
Cocteau Twins- Iceblink Luck
Xmal Deutschland- Inncubus Succubus
Dance Chapter- Demolished Sanctuary
Birthday Party- Waving My Arms
Modern English- Swans on Glass
Bauhaus- Stigmata Martyr (Dance Mix)
Dead Can Dance- Fortune
Heavenly Bodies- Rains On Me
Handful of Snowdrops- Gabrielle
Bel Canto- Shoulder to the Wheel

Cocteau Twins- Dear Heart
Clan of Xymox- Louise (r)
Blonde Redhead- 23
Swallow- Sugar Your Mind
Pixies- Velouria
Lush- Outdoor Miner
The Wolfgang Press- Sweatbox (r)
Dead Can Dance- Avatar
Bauhaus- Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
This Mortal Coil- Strength of Strings

Miz Margo
Cocteau Twins- Persephone
Xmal Deutschland- Polar Licht
Xymox- Muscovite Mosquito (demo)
Lush- For Love
Beirut- Scenic World
Tones on Tail- Twist
Pixies- Monkey Gone To Heaven
Birthday Party- Nick The Stripper
Bauhaus- Nerves
Dead Can Dance- Ulysses

This Mortal Coil- Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust

Modern English- Melt With You
Wolfgang Press- Going South
Cocteau Twins- In Our Angelhood
Dead Can Dance- Cantara
Bauhaus- Telegram Sam
Lush- Untogether
Belly- Feed The Tree
Pixies- Dig For Fire (r)

Cocteau Twins- Carolyn's Fingers
Dead Can Dance- The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Clan of Xymox- No Words (r)
Modern English- Someone's Calling
The Past 7 Days- Same As Any Other

Bauhaus- Dark Entries (1st Axis/4AD single ever!)
The Birthday Party- Mr. Clarinet
Cocteau Twins- Wax And Wane (Remix)
This Mortal Coil- Alone
Dead Can Dance- Threshold
The Wolfgang Press- Honey Tree

Miz Margo
Xmal Deutschland- Matador
Xymox- Going Round
Tones On Tail- OK This Is The Pops
His Name Is Alive- Are We Still Married?

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