DJs Xander, Orko, Sage, Daniel Skellington

6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY █ Darkwave Restrospective!



Lycia – Pygmalion
Arcana – Like Statues in the Garden of Dreaming
Love is Colder Than Death – From the Fog
Love Spirals Downward – Dead Language
In My Rosary – Just Like You
And Also the Trees – Misfortunes
Swans – Love Will Save You
Faith and the Muse – Kodama request
London After Midnight – Nightmare
Christian Death – The Luxury of Tears
Mephisto Walz – Alle in Asche
Chris & Cosey – Silent Cry
Kirlian Camera – Blue Room (7’’)
Cocteau Twins – Peppermint Pig request

Cranes – Beautiful Friend
Grimes – Weregild
Virgin Prunes – Love Lasts Forever
In Death it Ends – Forgotten Knowledge
Lebanon Hanover – Einhorn
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Into the Light request
Opera De Nuit – Invitation request
Little Nemo – Sandcastle
Clan of Xymox – A Day request
Poésie Noire – Pity For the Self
Section 25 – Looking From a Hilltop
Trisomie 21 – The Last Song

Switchblade Symphony – Clown request
Bauhaus – She’s in Parties
Sol Invictus – Long Live Death
The Legendary Pink Dots – Curious Guy request
Sixth Comm – Pipes of Gold
Helium Vola – Nummus
Trust – Gloryhole
Monica Richards – In Answer
Coil - Windowpane
Specimen – Hex (7’’) request
Alien Sex Fiend – Ignore the Machine

Love and Rockets – Mirror People request
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Head On
Joy Division – Transmission
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Monitor
Austra – Beat and the Pulse request
Faith and the Muse – Sparks
Cocteau Twins – Shallow Then Halo
The Sisters of Mercy – Floorshow request
Soft Cell – Down in the Subway request
Tones on Tail – O.k. This is the Pops request
The Normal – Warm Leatherette request

Gary Numan – The Fall
Clan of Xymox – Back Door
The Frozen Autumn – Ashes (Clan of Xymox Remix)
Until December – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
The Creatures – Pluto Drive
The Tear Garden – In Search of My Rose
Grauzone – Eisbär
Einstürzende Neubauten – Feurio (Turen Offen)
Kraftwerk – Pocket Calculator
Depeche Mode – Route 66
The Cure – Play for Today
The Chameleons – Tears (Full Arrangement)

Bauhaus – The Man With the X-Ray Eyes
Big Black – The Model
The Lords of the New Church – Dance With Me
Love and Rockets – Haunted When the Minutes Drag request
Princess Tinymeat – Put it There request
Nina Hagen – Born in Xixax
Xmal Deutschland – Boomerang request
Christian Death – As Evening Falls request
Killing Joke – Requiem request
Swans – Celebrity Lifestyle
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Papa Won’t Leave You Henry

The Damned – Grimly Fiendish request
Danielle Dax – Cathouse
Lene Lovich – Lucky Number
45 Grave – Evil
Altered Images – Happy Birthday


Daniel Skellington
Florence + the Machine – Breath of Life
Kate Bush – Jig of Life
The Creatures – Fury Eyes
The Cure – Lovecats
The Damned – Grimly Fiendish
Pixies – Gigantic
The Mission UK – Tower of Strength
Loreena McKennitt – The Mummers Dance (Remix) request
Hildegard von Bingen – O’Vivens Furs request
Lisa Gerrard – Departum request
Delerium - Silence

Dead Can Dance – Opium request
Cocteau Twins – Aikea-Guinea
Cinephile – Comatose
Bat for Lashes – Glass
Conjure One – Center of the Sun
Bel Canto – Spiderdust
Modern English – 16 Days
Faith and the Muse – Battle Hymn
Cocteau Twins – Lorelei

Daniel Skellington
Dead Can Dance – The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
The Nuns – Anita
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Face to Face request
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand
Coil – Love’s Secret Domain
Die Form – Bite of God request
Skinny Puppy – Warlok request
A Split Second – Rigor Mortis request
Front 242 – Don’t Crash
Project Pitchfork – Souls
Trust – Shoom (DS Edit) request

Cold Cave – Underworld USA
Skinny Puppy – Testure
Bel Canto – Shimmering, Warm and Bright
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Happy House
Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers
Austra – Beat and the Pulse
New Order – Shellshock request
Delerium – Euphoria (Firefly)
The Knife – We Share Our Mother’s Health
Beach House – Lazuli
Helium Vola – Omnis Mundi Creatura

Daniel Skellington
Corvus Corax – Filii Neidhardi
Dead Can Dance – Black Sun request
Miranda Sex Garden – Gush Forth My Tears
Tori Amos – Caught a Light Sneeze request
The Cure – Birdmad Girl
Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion request
Secession – Sneakyville
Light Asylum – A Certain Person request
Zola Jesus – Night request
Duran Duran – Come Undone
Röyksopp – What Else is There?
We Are Like the Spiders – Underling (Bruxa Remix)

The Cure – Lullaby
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Cities in Dust
Faith and the Muse – Shattered in Aspect
Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia, My Reflection
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps

Daniel Skellington
The Knife – Heartbeats
The Chameleons – Swamp Thing
The Creatures – Pluto Drive

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