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Front Room - All Bauhaus, All Night

Peter Murphy - Jemal (version two)
Bauhaus - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
Bauhaus - Severance
Faith and the Muse - Hollow Hills
Peter Murphy - Just for Love
The Dark Flower featuring Peter Murphy - Clean Break
Love and Rockets - A Private Future
Bauhaus - Slice of Life
Tones on Tail - Performance (7'')
Bauhaus - Adrenalin

Daniel Ash - This Love
Love And Rockets - Yin And Yang the Flowerpot Man (Remix)
Peter Murphy - Blind Sublime
Bauhaus - Lagartija Nick
Tones On Tail - There’s Only One
Bauhaus - Third Uncle
Love And Rockets - Here Come The Comedown
Bauhaus - Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
Tones On Tail - You, The Night And The Music
Peter Murphy - Subway
Bauhaus - Kick In The Eye 2 request
Love And Rockets - Life In Laralay

Dali's Car - The Judgement is the Mirror request
Daniel Ash - Spooky
Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust request
Bauhaus - She's in Parties request
Tones on Tail - Go! (Club Mix) request
Bauhaus - The Sanity Assassin
Peter Murphy - Dragnet Drag request
Love and Rockets - Ball of Confusion
Bauhaus - In the Flat Field
Bauhaus - Nerves
Peter Murphy - All Night Long
Love and Rockets - Kundalini Express

Bauhaus - Stigmata Martyr
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead
Love And Rockets - Haunted When The Minutes Drag
Tones On Tail - Twist
Bauhaus - The Passion Of Lovers
Bauhaus - Telegram Sam
Bauhaus - Swing The Heartache
Love And Rockets - The Light
The Bubblemen - The Bubblemen Are Coming
Bauhaus - King Volcano
Bauhaus - Dark Entries
Bauhaus - Hair Of The Dog

Tones on Tail - Christian Says
Bauhaus - Double Dare request
Bauhaus - Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up request
Love and Rockets - Motorcycle request
Bauhaus - Honeymoon Croon
Bauhaus - Spirit
Peter Murphy - Indigo Eyes request
Love and Rockets - Holiday on the Moon
Love and Rockets - So Alive request
Peter Murphy - Final Solution request
Bauhaus - International Bullet Proof Talent
Bauhaus - St. Vitus Dance

Bauhaus - Silent Hedges
Bauhaus - The Man With X-Ray Eyes
Love And Rockets - Mirror People ('88 Version Edited)
Bauhaus - In The Night
Tones On Tail - War
Love And Rockets - No New Tale To Tell
Love And Rockets - All In My Mind
Peter Murphy - A Strange Kind Of Love (Version Two)
Bauhaus - Of Lillies And Remains
Bauhaus - Antonin Artaud
Tones On Tail - O.K. This Is The Pops
Peter Murphy And Trent Reznor - Warm Leatherette
Bauhaus - Mask
Bauhaus - In Fear Of Fear

Bauhaus - Dancing
Bauhaus - Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?
Bauhaus - Crowds request
Peter Murphy - Cascade request

Back Room

Mz. Samantha
Daniel Ash - Closer to You
Gruesome Twosome - Hallucination Generation
Joy Division - Dead Souls
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Melt!
The Bolshoi - Away
Kommunity FK - Something Inside Me Has Died
The Glove - Mouth to Mouth request
The Cure - Disintegration
Einstürzende Neubauten - Morning Dew
Death In June - The Calling (MK II)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Do You Love Me?

Joe Radio
Gary Numan - Are "Friends" Electric?
Depeche Mode - Fly on the Windscreen
The Mission UK - Tower of Strength
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Dear Prudence request
Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Clan of Xymox - Stranger request
The Cure - A Strange Day
PiL - The Order of Death

Mz. Samantha
Skin Flowers - The Young Gods
Faith and the Muse - Sparks
Specimen - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk the Line request
Nina Hagen - Born in Xixax request
Joy Divison - Transmission
Tones on Tail - Go!
Danielle Dax - Cat-House
New Order - Ceremony
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again
Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Passenger

Joe Radio
The Sisters of Mercy - Alice request
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
Visage - Fade to Grey
Depeche Mode - Lie to Me
The Chameleons - Swamp Thing
Cocteau Twins - Wax and Wane
Die Form - Cantique
Dead Can Dance - Rakim
Virgin Prunes - Baby Turns Blue
Adam Ant - Desperate But Not Serious
David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes

Mz. Samantha
Lords of the New Church - Open Your Eyes
Fad Gadget - Collapsing New People
The Tear Garden - In Search of My Rose request
The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
Clan of Xymox - Medusa request
Depeche Mode - Behind the Wheel
London After Midnight - Kiss request
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Red Light request
Christian Death - Cavity request
The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love
The Nuns - Anita

Joe Radio
Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove request
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
The Cure - A Forest request
Shriekback - Nemesis
The Damned - Grimly Fiendish
The Smiths - How Soon is Now?
The Chameleons - Less Than Human
Cocteau Twins - Carolyn's Fingers
The Creatures - Pluto Drive
Sisterhood - Giving Ground
Switchblade Symphony - Wallflower request
The Cranes - Everywhere
New Order - True Faith
Gary Numan - Down in the Park

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