DJs Xander, Orko, Tomas Diablo

Tribute to Coil and the music of England’s Esoteric Underground


Coil – The Hellraiser Theme
Scorn – Dreamscape (Coil Remix)
Nine Inch Nails – At the Heart of It All (created by Aphex Twin)
Coil – The First Five Minutes After Death
The Legendary Pink Dots – Guilty Man
Death in June – Frost Flowers

Current 93 – The Bloodbells Chime
Coil – The Lost Rivers of London
Sol Invictus – The Man Next Door is Very Strange
The Lemon Kittens – What the Cat Brought In
Lustmord – A Light that is Darkness
Coil – Tainted Love
Kate Bush – The Dreaming

Tomas Diablo
Coil – Ostia (Death of Pasolini)
Rome – Die Nelke
The Legendary Pink Dots – Just a Lifetime
Coil – Remote Viewing 5
Nine Inch Nails – Closer (Precursor)
Skinny Puppy – Dig It

Meat Beat Manifesto – I Got the Fear
Pigface – Suck
Coil – Titan Arch
Death in June – Heaven Street
Coil – Slur
Conspiracy International – Beyond Temptation

Depeche Mode – Rush (Black Sun Remix)
Throbbing Gristle – United
Chris and Cosey – Sweet Surprise
Coil – Further
Sol Invictus – Death of the West request
Strawberry Switchblade – Deep Water
Death in June – Little Black Angel
Coil – The Anal Staircase (A Dionysian Remix)

Tomas Diablo
Faith and the Muse – The Burning Season
Wumpscut – Thorns request
The Tear Garden – Sheila Liked the Rodeo
Coil – Panic
Ministry – Show Me Your Spine
Psychic TV – Papal Breakdance

Video presentation by David Armstrong
Coil – Solar Lodge

Coil – Love’s Secret Domain
The Tear Garden – Ophelia
Coil – The Snow (Answers Come in Dreams II) request
Skinny Puppy – Smothered Hope request
Coil – Windowpane
Psychic TV – Godstar

Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf
Coil – The Wheel
Chris and Cosey – Silent Cry
Death in June – Come Before Christ and Murder Love
Sol Invictus – Long Live Death
Coil – Heartworms request
The Tear Garden – Desert Island Disc
Cabaret Voltaire – Do Right
Coil – Things Happen

Tomas Diablo
Coil – Teenage Lightning 2005
Snake River Conspiracy – Lovesong
Soft Cell – Martin
Qntal – Entre Moi
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Dazzle
Cocteau Twins – Lorelei
Skinny Puppy – Worlock

Coil – To Drown a Rose


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