DJs Xander, Sage, Tomas Diablo, Joe Radio

OLD SCHOOL NIGHT : Goth vs Industrial!


Backroom – Old School Industrial

Tomas Diablo
Kraftwerk – Die Roboter
Coil – The Anal Staircase
In the Nursery – Compulsion
Throbbing Gristle – Hot on the Heels of Love
D.A.F. – Absolute Bodycontrol
Foetus – Calamity Crush
Skinny Puppy – The Choke
The Tear Garden – Sheila Liked The Rodeo
A Split Second – Mambo Witch
Front 242 – W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G.
Renegade Soundwave – Biting My Nails

Joe Radio
Ministry – All Day
Nitzer Ebb – Shame (12’’ Mix)
Revolting Cocks – You Often Forget
Cabaret Voltaire – Kino
Gruesome Twosome – Hallucination Generation
Contagion – Scratch (12’’ Mix)
Wiseblood – Stumbo (12’’ Version) request
KMFDM – Godlike
Skinny Puppy – Last Call
Clock DVA – Sound Mirror
Lords of Acid – I Sit on Acid request

Tomas Diablo
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
Acid Horse – No Name, No Slogan
Micro Chip League – New York
PTP – Show Me Your Spine request
Ministry – Over the Shoulder (12’’)
Meat Beat Manifesto – Genocide
Skinny Puppy – Glass Houses request
Pop Will Eat Itself – Def Con One
Front Line Assembly – Mindphaser
Revolting Cocks – Stainless Steel Providers

Joe Radio
Test Department – The Unacceptable Face of Freedom request
Nitzer Ebb – Control I’m Here request
Cabaret Voltaire – Animation
Front 242 – Headhunter request
Einstürzende Neubauten – Haus der Lüge request
Coil – Love’s Secret Domain request
A Split Second – Rigor Mortis
Hula – Poison (Club Mix)
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult – Rivers of Blood
Ministry – The Land of Rape and Honey
Skinny Puppy – Addiction request

Tomas Diablo
Cyberaktif – Nothing Stays
Lead Into Gold – Faster Than Light
Nine Inch Nails – Down in It
MC 900 Ft Jesus – I’m Going Straight to Heaven
16 Volt – Perfectly Fake
KMFDM – Virus
Revolting Cocks – (Let’s Get) Physical request
Front Line Assembly – Iceolate request
Armageddon Dildos – East West
Leather Strip – Antius
Meat Beat Manifesto – Helter Skelter

Joe Radio
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult – Kooler than Jesus request
Front 242 – Never Stop
Nitzer Ebb – Join in the Chant request
Ministry – We Believe
Bigod 20 – The Bog (Techno Duck Mix)
Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria request
Clock DVA – The Hacker
Skinny Puppy – One Time One Place request
Manufacture – As the End Draws Near request
Revolting Cocks – No Devotion
Nine Inch Nails – Sin
Front 242 – Welcome to Paradise request
PTP – My Favorite Things request
Ministry – Everyday is Halloween
KMFDM – Anarchy

Tomas Diablo
Laibach – Geburt Einer Nation
The Specials – Ghost Town

Frontroom - Old School Goth

UK Decay – For Madmen Only
Malaria! – Your Turn To Run
Gang of Four – Damaged Goods
Crisis – UK ‘78
Pink Turns Blue – Ghosts
Kirlian Camera – Blue Room (7’’)
Death in June – Heaven Street
Sex Gang Children – Boss and Beauty
The Bolshoi – Away
Lords of the New Church – Open Your Eyes
Specimen – Hex 7’’
Alien Sex Fiend – Ignore the Machine
Flesh for Lulu – Siamese Twist

Bauhaus – Lagartija Nick
Killing Joke – The Wait request
Christian Death – Spiritual Cramp
The Cure – A Short Term Effect
Fields of the Nephilim – Preacher Man request
The Sisters of Mercy – Black Planet request
Marc and the Mambas – Black Heart request
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Slowdive request
Sex Gang Children – Dieche
The Mission – Wasteland
The Chameleons – Don’t Fall request
Southern Death Cult – Moya

Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry – Cut Down
Sex Beat – Sexbeat
Virgin Prunes – Baby Turns Blue request
The Stranglers – No More Heroes
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Hong Kong Garden
Cocteau Twins – Wax and Wane request
This Mortal Coil – Drugs
Bauhaus – Dark Entries request
The Glove – Mouth to Mouth request
Danielle Dax – Big Hollow Man request
Nina Hagen - Born in Xixax request
45 Grave – Evil
The Damned – Grimly Fiendish
Tones on Tail – Christian Says

Lords of the New Church – Dance With Me request
Clan of Xymox – Stranger request
Malign – Skin and Lye
Kommunity FK – Something Inside Me Has Died (remix)
Switchblade Symphony – Sweet request
Killing Joke – Love Like Blood request
Executive Slacks – Say It Isn’t So
Love and Rockets – Life in Laralay
The Sisters of Mercy – Temple of Love
Fields of the Nephilim – Laura request
Skeletal Family – Promised Land request
The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary request

Gene Loves Jezebel – Desire (12’’ White Label GW Childs Remix)
Christian Death – Spectre (Love is Dead)
Bauhaus – Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – The Weeping Song
Cocteau Twins – Lorelei request
Dead Can Dance – Carnival of Light
Magazine – Shot by Both Sides
Echo and the Bunnymen – Over You
Grauzone – Eisbär
Joy Division – Transmission
The Tear Garden – In Search of My Rose request
Death in June – Little Black Angel request
Sol Invictus – Long Love Death

Bauhaus – The Passion of Lovers request
Clan of Xymox – Muscoviet Mosquito
Siouxsie and the Banshees – The Sweetest Chill
Dead Can Dance – Cantara request
Radio Werewolf – Buried Alive request
The Cramps – Garbage Man
Misfits – London Dungeon
Christian Death – As Evening Falls
Alien Sex Fiend – Now I’m Feeling Zombified request
Virgin Prunes – Pagan Lovesong request
Bauhaus – Ziggy Stardust request
Fields of the Nephilim – For Her Light request
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Between Planets request

Killing Joke – Eighties
Soft Cell – Bedsitter
The Cure – A Strange Day request
Mephisto Walz – Dear Familiar Phantoms
Xymox – Evelyn
London After Midnight – Your Best Nightmare

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