DJs Orko, Sage

The Moon and the Melodies!


Slowdive - Slowdive
Chapterhouse - Treasure
Charmparticles - The Magnificent Sky, I Leave and Am High
Closedown - Red Oval
Monster Movie - 4th and Pine
My Violaine Morning - 99 Miles
Amusement Parks On Fire - Cut To Future Shock
My Bloody Valentine - (When You Wake) You're Still In A Dream
Sennen - Blackout
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Berlin
Secret Shine - Voice of the Sea
Pale Saints - Babymaker
Apartment - Beyond My Control
The Chameleons - Perfume Garden
Lush - De Luxe
Radio Dept. - Pulling Our Weight
Moose - Jack
Lali Puna - Left Handed

Radio Dept. - Pet Grief
Blonde Redhead - Silently
Curve - Horrorhead
Cocteau Twins - Garlands
Lush - Nothing Natural
Dandy Warhols - Be In
Jesus & The Mary Chain - Just Like Honey
Chapterhouse - Mesmerise
This Mortal Coil - Drugs
Bowery Electric - Fear of Flying
Ulrich Schnauss - Nobody's Home
Dead Can Dance - In The Kingdom of the Blind The One Eyed Are Kings request
Amusement Parks On Fire - Out of the Angeles
Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp request
This Mortal Coil - 16 Days/Gathering Dust
My Bloody Valentine - Soon

Sigur Ros - Hun Jord (Recycled By Hassbraeour) request
Chapterhouse - We Are The Beautiful
Slowdive - Alison
Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck request
The House of Love - Christine
Ride - Dreams Burn Down
My Bloody Valentine - When You Sleep
Adorable - Sistine Chapel Ceiling
Editors - Munich
M83 - Teen Angst
The Chameleons - Second Skin
The Daysleepers - Twilight Bloom

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Not What You Wanted
Lush - For Love
Chapterhouse - Pearl
Cocteau Twins - Aikea Guinea
Ride - Vapour Trail
M83 - Graveyard Girl
Jesus & Mary Chain - Reverence
My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow
Curve - Fait Accompli
Claire Voyant - Pieces
The Raveonettes - Aly, Walk With Me
Cocteau Twins - Wax & Wane
This Mortal Coil - The Strength of Strings
Sigur Ros - Olsen Olsen

Slowdive - When The Sun Hits
Jesus & Mary Chain - Sometimes Always
My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes (Remix)

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