DJs Otter, Orko, Tomas Diablo, Miz Margo

Wax Trax! Tribute


FUSE- Into the Space
Chris & Cosey- Stolen Kisses
Underworld- Jumbo
Cabaret Voltaire- Do Right
Coil- To Drown a Rose
Front 242- Geography I
The KLF- Last Train to Trancentral
Chris Connelly- Come Down Here
Covenant- We Want Revolution

Laibach- Geburt Einar Nation
Nitzer Ebb- Fun to Be Had
Front 242- U Men

Miz Margo
Psychic TV- Infinite Beat
Thrill Kill Kult- These Remains
Ministry- All Day
Revolting Cocks- In The Neck
Coil- Teenage Lightning 2
Clock DVA- Sound Mirror
Lead Into Gold- Faster Than Light
Acid Horse- No Name No Slogan
Laibach- Tanz Mit Laibach
1000 Homo DJs- Supernaut
Cyberaktif- Nothing Stays
Underworld- Born Slippy
Skinny Puppy- Testure
PTP- Rubber Glove Seduction
Coil- Windowpane

Tomas Diablo
KMFDM- Virus
NIN- The Warning
Skinny Puppy- Worlock
Ministry- He's Angry
Black Strobe- Shining Bright Star (Phones Industrial Mix)
Big Black- Kerosene
Rotersand- (unknown)
Meat Beat Manifesto- Genocide
Chemlab- Suicide Jag
Contagion- Scratch!
RevCo- Beers, Steers + Queers
Ministry- Everyday is Halloween
Gruesome Twosome- Hallucination Generation
Front 242- Welcome to Headhunter
Microchip League- New York
Depeche Mode- Happiest Girl
Ladytron- Black Cat
Thrill Kill Kult- Days of Swine & Roses

Ministry- We Believe
Skinny Puppy- Morpheus Laughing
KMFDM- Leibesleid
PTP- Show Me Your Spine
Thrill Kill Kult- Cuz It's Hot
Laibach- Two of Us

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